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Sou Dalton Menezes, 27 anos. Sou baiano, mas moro no Rio de Janeiro desde 2009. Criador do Yout Player, ORB e do game Pepper – The Chicken. Sou Designer, Web Designer e Desenvolvedor independente. Amo a comunidade open source e de software livre e contribuo com ela sempre que posso.

Ah. também sou escritor e músico. Espero terminar em breve os meus trabalhos na escrita e na música para mostrar para vocês. 🙂

Projetos pessoais

Yout Player
Yout Player is the new way to watch playlist from YouTube on Desktop. Available for free for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Your friendly JavaScript languages handler. ORB turns fastly and easily your website/project to multilingual.

Pepper – The Chicken
A simple game that looks like Flappy Bird built in HTML5 and JavaScript.

A simple event scheduler application for PHP projects.

A shell script fix for wallpaper bug when Ubuntu is started with two (or more) connected monitors with different display interfaces. In my case are two (HDMI and VGA with DVI adapter) where the HDMI monitor always start after login with blurred wallpaper.

Simple crawler written in Python that takes the title from profile of a movie or series on IMDB.